Technology will Underpin UK Airport Expansion

17 December 2013

TTG company, affini Technology, an IT systems integrator operating across every UK airport site, has welcomed the Airports Commission’s shortlisted expansion options, but has warned that more focus should be placed on the role that technology can play in successfully delivering increased capacity to the nation’s airports.

Commenting on the three options set out by the Commission, Jason Colombo CEO of affini said: “Any one of these plans will result in considerably more traffic, both on the air and on the ground – it will mean more airlines, operators, service companies, passengers, car parks and retail stores. Whatever the outcome, operators will have to cope with increased demand, which will be best managed through investment in real-time technologies that integrate systems and services across the airport.

“Technology will be a fundamental part of the mix, but it needs to be brought into the debate now as the opportunities to increase capacity through technology solutions are as tangible as those brought about by construction. We need to think about the total picture – the technological as well as the physical infrastructures.”

affini technology has been a key technology partner at Heathrow airport since 1996 and has operations in all UK airports, supplying wireless infrastructure, radio systems, asset and vehicle tracking and back office systems.





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Technology will Underpin UK Airport Expansion