TTG Company, affini’s Boothawk Lands on G-Cloud

20 November 2013

affini’s Boothawk software has been made available to all public sector organisations through the Government Procurement Service’s (GPS) procurement portal, G-Cloud. The software identifies processes that increase boot-up times that negatively impact on productivity, enabling departments to take steps to reduce delays and increase efficiency.

In June of this year the UK government’s chief operating officer, Stephen Kelly, reported that his computer took seven minutes to boot up and that this equated to civil servants wasting three days a year waiting for aging IT equipment to start working each day.

Commenting on the availability of the service on the site, Jason Colombo, CEO at affini said: “There is a considerable opportunity for the public sector to make savings through the GPS G-Cloud portal. Boothawk is a great tool for identifying where processes are negatively impacting on efficiency and productivity. One organisation that we deployed Boothawk to recently was losing the equivalent of £7m worth of man hours per year because of lost time attributed to slow system start up. If you look at the size of the public sector there is the potential to considerably increase productivity by highlighting and addressing system issues.”

Boothawk was developed by affini in response to requests from enterprise CIOs because there was nothing available on the market that effectively and accurately measured all start-up processes to show them the root cause of extended boot up periods.

Boothawk provides CIOs with a dashboard displaying of all the IT start-up processes taking place across all endpoints, allowing them to focus efforts and resources to identify and cull redundant processes that cause delays.

Common causes of lengthy boot up times include layers of Microsoft Windows and device configuration, login scripts and policies, with no optimisation; a high number of software applications installed on machines; network problems and older hardware with slower processors.

There are a number of Boothawk product packages available to public sector organisations: Proof of Concept, which is a fixed price, fixed period package with up to five software licenses; Consultancy, which includes a full review, data analysis, reporting and recommendations; and a Software License only programme.

Central government departments are now mandated to consider public cloud first in any IT procurement and the wider public sector is strongly recommended to take the same approach. This means that when considering procurement of new or existing services, public organisations must have considered and fully evaluated potential cloud solutions before they consider any other option.

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TTG Company, affini’s Boothawk Lands on G-Cloud