Simoco Opens Kuala Lumpur Office

12 May 2014

TTG company Simoco Group has announced it is consolidating its presence in South East Asia with a new office in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. The new base will serve customers and partners in five key markets: public safety and security, utilities, natural resource, transport and government and public sector.

This move will allow a faster, more targeted response for customers in the same time zone and for Simoco to provide more effective post contract engineering, system support and maintenance. It will also allow the firm to enhance its relationships with new prospects in high-growth ASEAN markets.

“Malaysia plays a pivotal role as a supply chain hub in the South East Asia region,” says Chris Moore, Business Development Director at Simoco. “The whole region is enjoying healthy economic growth in those critical communications sectors where we have proven expertise and credentials. We are committed to increasing our levels of business in this area and an increased presence and bigger team means that we will be able to further develop the support and services that we provide to existing and new customers across South East Asia.”

Simoco’s international trade currently accounts for 54% of its business and the company estimates the new regional hub will help increase the figure to 75% over the next three years. Its long-standing relationship with distribution partner Muzzam Teknologi, which has been fundamental to Simoco’s success in South East Asia, will also continue to drive growth in the region.

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Simoco Opens Kuala Lumpur Office