Simoco Welcomes Bahrain Airport Company Delegation

11 June 2014

Simoco has welcomed an official delegation from Bahrain Airport Company to its UK headquarters to formally test and handover the new Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Simoco Xd Tier III trunked radio system.

Bahrain Airport Company will take delivery of the UK manufactured equipment in June of this year through Simoco’s partner, United Commercial Agencies Group (UCA), to enhance communications at the world-class airport which sees 1,052 flight departures per week.

Commenting on the visit, Ian Carr, CEO for Simoco Group said: “It has been great to have the executive team from Bahrain Airport Company come to see their new system operating in our live factory environment and meet the people responsible for its manufacture and delivery.

“We are committed to growth in the Middle East and securing a five year contract at this site demonstrates that our strategy is sound and that we are a viable and compelling choice for businesses in the region”.

Mohamed Yousif Al-Binfalah, CEO of Bahrain Airport Company commented: “We take pride in our responsibility for maintaining and developing Bahrain’s gateway to the world. Part of our continued programme of improvement is investing in a communication system that will extend our operations and levels of efficiency – and ultimately improve the experience of our travelers.


“Simoco and UCA have given us a hands on demonstration of our new system and we look forward to it going live in the near future.”


Simoco and UCA will be on site at Bahrain International Airport next month to complete the installation and testing of the Simoco Xd Tier III trunked radio system which includes DMR Portables and 100 DMR Mobile Radios and will bring sophisticated call management, intelligent call routing and wide-area multi-site working to the airport site.


Tony King, Technical Director of UCA and the company supplying the Simoco DMR system to Bahrain International Airport is confident that the end result will transform the airport’s communications, “Simoco’s DMR system is viewed as the latest technology which offers exceptional value for money. Getting the customer to witness the factory acceptance testing has been really useful. They can see the system up and running and explore and understand its wide range of features.”

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Simoco Welcomes Bahrain Airport Company Delegation