Simoco Awarded DMRA IOP Laboratory Status

4 July 2014

The Digital Mobile Radio Association has awarded radio manufacturer and system architect, Simoco with a certificate of recognition as a laboratory for testing interoperable communications systems.

The DMR Association’s technical working group has documented laboratory quality standards and procedures that need to be adhered to by any manufacturer wishing to run a test session. The recognition is an important step for TTG company Simoco as it enables the company to test a range of manufacturers’ terminals with its Simoco Xd DMR infrastructure, which is designed to meet the requirements of open DMR standards.

Commenting on the award, Ian Carr Simoco CEO said: “This recognition from the leading industry body in DMR reinforces our position as a manufacturer of end-to-end digital solutions. We are committed to working with multiple vendors to deliver systems that give the customer choice, value and ultimately high performing converged solutions.

“We are proud to be members of the DMR Association and take our responsibilities to promote and develop open standards and interoperability very seriously.”

Side Banner - Simoco Awarded DMRA IOP Laboratory Status
Simoco Awarded DMRA IOP Laboratory Status