affini Launches the First Commercial DMR Service at Heathrow T2

8 July 2014

TTG company affini Technology Ltd. has launched the first commercial Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) service at Heathrow Terminal 2, the Queen’s Terminal.

affini Real-Time Connect (aRTC) is a unified communications platform for business-critical communications, delivered from the cloud. As the number one provider of radio services at Heathrow, and across UK aviation, affini delivered an airport-wide digital trunked radio service that is also integrated into the new common wireless and IT infrastructure at T2 and other terminals at Heathrow.

As airwaves have become more congested, analogue private mobile radio (PMR) has reached its limits. Organisations with a requirement for business-critical and safety-critical communications have sought a digital protocol for radio communications that improves spectrum efficiency and enables features in addition to traditional voice over radio.

Among a host of other next generation features, the DMR service includes digital presence, allowing managers to locate devices on a console so that they can ensure that personnel and assets are in the correct areas of the airport to provide optimal service to airlines and passengers.

Jason Colombo, affini CEO commented, “affini is renowned for its ability to deliver complex end-to-end business critical communication systems, by working with leading suppliers and marshalling expert resources to create the best solutions. Heathrow is one of the first airports to benefit from a commercial DMR system of this scale. This delivers a secure platform that allows service companies and the wider airport community to communicate on their preferred devices, without being restricted to particular networks or constrained by location or protocols.”

affini works with the UK’s largest organisations to design, build and operate technology solutions that facilitate integrated and real-time communications, enabling processes to be performed more efficiently and sharing information and business intelligence that assists decision making.  affini serves seven core industries: corporate & infrastructure; transportation; telecommunications; public safety; government; security & public venues; energy & resources.

Side Banner - affini Launches the First Commercial DMR Service at Heathrow T2
affini Launches the First Commercial DMR Service at Heathrow T2