Simoco awarded contract to supply critical communications technology to VicRoads in Australia

29 July 2014

Simoco has announced that it has begun rolling out critical communications technology for VicRoads to improve the efficiency of its mobile radios and safety of its vehicles and drivers. The new move sees the supply of an in-vehicle P25 upgradable solution, specifically designed to address the needs of the emergency services, to the Victorian State Road Authority in Australia.

Simoco Project Partner Retrolooms has already installed a number of customised SRM9000 mobile radio solutions which will be running on the Telstra state-wide SMR network as well as private and public UHF channels. The solution was delivered for VicRoads’ response vehicles and Retrolooms will install the Simoco solution in the remainder of the company’s vehicle fleet as part of an 18-month roll out. Simoco will also deploy its intelligent, wireless microphone solution X10DR, which was integrated into the radio equipment for a powerful out-of-vehicle communication solution.

“We have a long-standing relationship with Simoco as it is a reliable company to work with,” said Darrell Gascoyne, State Operations Manager of Transport Safety Services at VicRoads. “The SRM radios, when combined with the powerful X10DR microphones, enable our fleet vehicle personnel to continue talking through the radios as far as 100m away from the vehicle. The Simoco Advanced Mobile Suite (SAMS), an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system also supplied as part of the deal, helps support and address a number of occupational, health and safety obligations and enables us to more efficiently manage and dispatch our vital assets, and protect our staff.”

SAMS AVL ensures that VicRoads staff can effectively monitor vehicles and drivers operating throughout Victoria. SAMS also has duress functionality, which a driver can initiate in the vehicle or via their X10DR microphone. In the event of an emergency, drivers can hit the alarm and the system automatically notifies authorities and individuals working for VicRoads so a rapid response to the vehicle and driver involved in potential danger can be quickly delivered.

“The fact our SAMS has a duress feature and status messages means VicRoads can monitor what’s happening on the roads and especially during times of emergency,” said Adam Burridge, Commercial Sales Representative at Simoco Group. “It also allows the authority to be more cost-effective as VicRoads can manage its fleet more effectively, eliminating the need to send a driver halfway across the state when someone is most likely already nearby.”

Managing over 22,000 kilometres of roads and 3,133 bridges, VicRoads provides safe and easy transport connections for residents, professionals and visitors to the state of Victoria. Its fleet vehicles are commonly used in traffic and transport enforcement and to support other state authorities.

The Simoco SRM radios installed at VicRoads are easily upgradable to P25 digital in the future and are recognised under the P25 Compliance Assessment Program (CAP), which means that that the Simoco P25 upgradable solution will continue to meet current and future communication needs. For more information, visit

Side Banner - Simoco awarded contract to supply critical communications technology to VicRoads in Australia
Simoco awarded contract to supply critical communications technology to VicRoads in Australia