Simoco Launches 50 Watt Base Station

27 August 2014

TTG company Simoco, the global designer and manufacturer of leading radio hardware and systems, has announced the launch of its SDB680 DMR Base Station.

The base station complies with ETSI DMR standards and delivers high quality wide area radio communications across analogue, DMR tier II and DMR tier III modes with SIP connectivity as well as an open standards applications interface.

Ian Carr, CEO at Simoco said, “Having robust communications across entire operational sites is critical. This base station brings reliable and safe communications links for workers across expansive areas.”

The SDB680 DMR Base Station operates on an IP backbone and subsequently delivers wide area communications to multiple user groups. IP connectivity allows organisations to have a flexible low-cost system that doesn’t need additional or centralised switching components. The open standards based design means that there is no lock-in to proprietary solutions that can restrict growth and user choice.

The SDB680 delivers spectrum efficient two slot TDMA digital communications in a 12.5 KHz channel at 50 Watt transmit power with 100% transmit duty cycle. This means that the base station can transmit constantly at its maximum power of 50 Watts.

Carr added: “We are already experiencing high demand for this product in all global regions from sectors including public safety, transport and utilities.”

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Side Banner - Simoco Launches 50 Watt Base Station
Simoco Launches 50 Watt Base Station