Enterprise Adoption of Windows 8

In this whitepaper, Mike Gosse, Senior Consultant at TTG company affini, explores Microsoft’s latest operating system to ascertain whether it is a viable solution for Enterprise organisations.


The Benefits of Open Standards

In this paper, Andy Grimmett, Head of Product Strategy at TTG company Simoco Group examines some of the many different technologies within the PMR/LMR industry and explains why DMR Tier III is emerging as the dominant PMR/LMR standard.


The Special Relationship: What Multinationals look for from a European Network Solutions Partner

Pat O’Keeffe, director at TTG company, Indigo Telecom Group, considers the issues facing multinationals rolling out European network infrastructures and the benefits of finding the right partner.


A Unified Approach to Push to Talk

Jason Colombo, CEO at TTG company affini, looks at the options for migration from analogue PMR to digital DMR and the benefits of a “Unified Communications” approach to the problem in terms of reducing vendor dependency, enhanced IP (internet protocol) based functionality and lower overall costs of ownership.


Simulcast P25: Reality and Myth

The benefits of Simulcast are well proven, delivering cost effective wide area coverage and efficient use of frequencies. At the same time it has been associated with complexity and a degree of “black art.” Andrew Wozencroft and Brian Overton of Simoco examine the real issues in getting the best from Simulcast systems.


Critical Communications in the Field

Oil and gas environments present some of the most inaccessible and harsh operating conditions for workforce communications. Mark Yates, Senior Systems Engineer at TTG company Simoco, explores what you need to think about when installing and managing radio systems in this complex sector.


Summing up Network Ownership: A Guide to Establishing TCO

Stephen Thompson, CEO of TTG Company, Indigo Telecom Group, outlines the cost and resourcing implications of network maintenance and how operators working with the right partners can maintain consistency, quality and reliability while lowering the TCO (total cost of ownership) of their communications infrastructure.


M2M and the Role of Radio

TTG considers radio’s place within the M2M market, in respect of wireless communications as a data bearer within the M2M system. In this paper, Stephen Jenkins and Andy Grimmett of Simoco discuss the growth in M2M technology and the relative benefits of cellular and radio for use in M2M solutions.


Critical Communications in a Process Driven World

Customers in critical communications are looking beyond push to talk voice to an all-IP world of converged applications while at the same time needing to drive down costs. To face this challenge, Ian Carr CEO of TTG company, Simoco puts the case for DMR as the worthy successor to TETRA.


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