Own Products

Simoco has gone further than anyone else in exploiting the capabilities of IP, to deliver a DMR solution that is more scalable, more flexible, more efficient and at a lower overall cost of ownership. Being fully standards compliant, with a cloud based distributed architecture; Simoco’s DMR solution does not rely on switch hardware that would add to cost and reduce resilience, and does not rely on proprietary arrangements for routing traffic which is inefficient and limiting in the absence of a genuine control channel.

With resilience built in to the base stations, and tough portables and mobiles, Simoco Xd provides a robust platform for always-available communications.

TETRA-G is a complete range of TETRA infrastructure solutions characterised by customer choice and control. Founded on over 60 years of PMR experience, TETRA G’s design ethos of granular modularity and common component technology creates a structurally flexible, cost effective system.

Distilling architecture down to a series of replicated components, TETRA-G achieves an efficiency and flexibility of design unmatched by competitors. The outcome is a consistently high performing TETRA platform that addresses functional and fiscal objectives from single carrier systems to national networks - including management of growth and change.

Dalman is Simoco Group's brand for the design, manufacturing and supply of voting and quasi-synchronous equipment for private mobile radio networks.

Simoco Solar 2 is the latest ‘Dalman Inside’ Simulcast product to be developed by the specialist Simulcast engineers at Dalman Labs. Building on over 25 years of dedicated Simulcast engineering, research and development, Solar 2 now extends the benefits of Dalman’s revolutionary Simulcast IP to the P25 environment.

Xfin technology represents a fundamental shift in PMR design from hardware to software solutions. Traditional trunked radio systems rely on separate hardware components: base stations, trunk controllers, switches and telephone interfaces.

Xfin takes a radically different approach, combining base station RF components with IP soft switching to enable an integrated trunked radio solution. Xfin is fully digital and IP meaning that PMR can be incorporated onto a single corporate IP network.

The TSF2000 Series is the world's most advanced range of Base Stations for Analogue Communications Systems. The TSF2025 and 2100 are slim-line, cost-effective, high performance Base with IP ready interfaces and comprehensive remote control facilities.

The TSF2000 series is based on the technology used in the well proven and popular SRM9000 Series of VHF and UHF Transceivers. These products are digital signal processor (DSP) controlled, fully synthesised, frequency modulated, VHF/UHF Radios.

The TSF2000 series provides plug in replacement to many other manufacturers' base stations through the use of highly configurable I/O connectors and programming parameters.

The affini technical reference model (TRM) assists organisations with all kinds of IT change. The TRM is a service and cloud-based tool for CIOs, CTO's, IT Architects and IT Managers which enables them to understand their current technology environment, plan changes and establish a lifecycle methodology articulate the impact of changes to colleagues and stakeholders.